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Sets Page 3

I have Sims Vacation, so these objects may not work in everyones game, sorry...;)

Download Whole Set (not including wall and floor)
Download wall and floor
Fountain cloned from Illustrated Sims
Fountain and Dining chair require at least  Sims HD
Wall and floor can be found at the group too.
Fountain does have a glitch, not sure why or what is causing it. One corner becomes seperated and shows the yellow while in live mode.
Part 1 of SOS Set
includes chairs, loveseats coffeetable, endtable, ceiling lamp, and bay window.
Part 2 of SOS set
includes rug, fireplace, plate glass window, vertical blinds, bookcase and big screen TV
Download walls
Chairs, loveseats and bookcase cloned from   Secret Sims
Coffeetable and Blinds from  Lerilai's Place
Endtable and Fireplace cloned from Kiri
Download Whole Set (wall and floor not included)
Download Walls and floor
Chair, Loveseat, and wall sconce cloned from Secret Sims and retextured by me
Blinds and coffeetable cloned from Lerilai's Place and retextured by me  
Original objects by Secret Sims  Retextured by me, MichelleMaBelle
Download Entire Birchwood Kitchen Set

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